Pre-Operation Anesthetic

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1.Model No.CTPK026

2. Brand Name: Pre-Operation Anesthetic

3. Net Weight:40 G / Piece

4. Status: Liquid

5. Warning: For External Use Only , Keep Out Of Eyes

6. Type: Permanent Makeup / Tattoo Pain Killer , Anesthetic , Pain Away , No Pain , Painless , Stop Pain


1. With a cotton stick dipped in liquid pain killer and apply slowly to the skin. Avoid the painkiller into the eye. (Tips: It can not be too long. The effect will be over. The long time application will burn the skin.)

2. With a needle (machine round needle or hand blade stab lightly) to tap, a little pain

3. Use a cotton stick dipped in powerful anesthetic along the wound repeatedly and apply.

4. Put on protective film to seal the operation parts for 30-45mins

3.Dry the exudate, and you can move to next step


Please use it before operating

Not be used for injection, it be used topically.

This anesthetic is specially designed for relieving discomfort on sensitive areas of the lips,

eyebrows before operating.