Nami Rainbow Disposable Microblading Pen With cap

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1. Name: Nami Rainbow Disposable Microblading Pen With cap

2. Model Number: CTHT096

3. Material : 304 stainless steel medical top grade.

4. Package: 10pcs/box



1. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BLADE-Each of Our Premium Microblade Disposable Pens Features An Exclusive Professionally Designed Blade that Is The Perfect Sharpness for A Brow Microblade.

2. PIGMENT SPONGE ON EACH PEN - To Help Simplify Using Our Disposable Micro Blade pens, We Provide A Small Cotton Sponge at The End of Each U-shaped Micro Blade Tool, Perfect for Helping You Cover Paint Easily.

3. EO-SERIES-Blodegradable Disposable Microblading Universal Holder.

4. EXTRA SHARP Needles to Ensure Great Retention And Crisp Strokes.

5. PRIVATE LABEL - Nano Rainbow Microblading Pen Permanent Make Up Disposable Eyebrow Manual Microblading Pen.

6. Disposable, Individually Packaged 10 Needles.






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