Lip Patch(12pcs/box)

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1.Model No.CTPK018

2. Brand Name: Lip patch

3. Net Weight:6 G / Piece , 72 G / Box .

4. Warning: For External Use Only

5. Type: Topical anesthetic 


Paste  pattern anesthetic,  with the functions of stopping pain,  stopping bleeding,  preventing swelling,  fixing color and the anesthetic  effect can  last for  90 minutes. 

Apply to the lips for 20 to 30 minutes before operation but please remove cutin at first.


1.Store away from sunlight, keep in room temperature. If store below 10 C warm to room temperature before use. For qualify beautician use only.

2.All The P.C.D. Products Got To The Consumer Are Produced By The European Pharmacy Stacdard And Have Passed The Strictest Quality Inspection .

3.They Are Proven By Medical Authorities And Professors To Be Innocuous , Free From Side-Effects And Absolutely Safe .



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