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Name:  Henna Kit

Model Number: LU-HENNA

Type: Starter kit for courses

Weight: 1kg



1. Brow Henna Shampoo (150ml), it cleanses the eyebrows in a delicate and deep way, which is absolutely necessary before using the hair colors.

2. Brow Henna Clean Lotion (50ml), it is designed for the color to be fixed to the skin. The lotion neutralizes the effect of cleansers and restores the skin's natural PH balance.

3. Brow Henna Mineral Solution (50ml), it contains micronutrients and bioactive components that prolong the effect. You use this to mix up the colors.

4. Brow Henna Tint (12ml): 6 bottles (1 dark brown, 1 medium brown, 1 dark chocolate, 1 light chocolate, 1 light black, 1 dark black).

5. Brow Henna Concealer (14g): Light and natural texture, good extensibility, no trace, say goodbye to all kinds of blemishes on your face!

6. Double-headed Spiral Eyebrow Brush: solid wood handle, black paint to show texture. Thick aluminum tube, durable and wear-resistant. Razor - like brush head, makeup accurate and natural.

7. Bonus: 8 thrush cards, 1 glass(10ml), 1 eyebrow pencil.


Used for coloring and caring for eyebrows.


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