CHRISTMAS SALE-YD Skin Color Pigment

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  • Name: YYD Skin Color Pigment
  • Model Number: CTPM-YD-SK1-CTPM-YD-SK20
  • Status: Semi Cream
  • Color:20 Colors
  • Ment material: Pure Plant Extracted
  • Standard: 10ML/BOTTLE
  • Weight: 35 G/Piece
  • Packaging:Box


1. Skin Reader helps you solve color matching problems:This tool allows you to choose from 20 colors or use precise degrees to help you find the most natural skin color for your client.

2.  20 colors to meet your need: Pigments are specially made for skin camouflage of stretch marks and scars, birth marks and fat marks.


stretch mark, scar, fat mark, growth mark, vatiligo

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