How to tell the difference between PMU machines?

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 1. Noise during the operation of PMU machine

If the PMU machine has a lot of noise, it will cause the beautician and the customer to feel uneasy, especially the customer. It will cause fear,nervousness, and skin tightening. It makes the pigment not easy to color, and produce a stimulating feeling. Therefore, the noise level is the key to selecting the PMU machine. Usually it is the principle that  the customer does not feel the noise when the eyebrow tattoo machine is about one meter away from her. Otherwise, it is too loud.

2. The speed of PMUmachine

The speed of the PMU machine is related to the customer's feeling of pain. The faster the rotation speed, the less the pain is. Now it is popular that the speed can be adjusted to 3-5 levels in the market. The newly developed new generation PMU machine can be infinitely adjustable, and the customer almost does not feel it pain. Testing tips: Start the needle and draw the hairstrokes on a carton paper. The louder the sound is, the stronger the penetration is. The faster the speed is , the more easier for coloring.

3. The safety of Acupressure and needle pressure

Choosing a PMU machine is stable or not. Generally, the visual method is adopted: the length of the needle is stable, and there is no feeling of being long and short. If the needle tip is fan-shaped, it indicates that the needle pressure is unstable. The safe needle pressure means that the needle tip can be controlled to penetrate the skin to a certain depth, preventing the operator from using the needle tip too deeply into the skin.

4. Body design

A PMU machine is a hand-held tool. To make it easy for the beautician to use, the design of handpiece is very important. The design must be fine and dexterous, and the center of gravity should be stable in the central position. Most of the popular designs in the market use a straight pen design, which can be adjusted at 365 degrees, and it is easy to use for a long time without fatigue.

5. Service life

Our machines promises ONE YEAR warranty. Low repair rates.


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