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Q22: The eyes are swollen after the operation of eyeliner, why?

A22: Too much wiping during the operation and too many operations, resulting in large skin lesions and swelling.


Q23: What should I do if my eyes are swollen after the operation of eyeliner?

A23: After the operation, press the eyelid with a cotton swab to press out the excess tissue fluid, and then clean it with gauze. Apply tobramycin and dexamethasone ointment for 15 minutes to effectively reduce swelling.


Q24: There was no swelling after the operation. The reason for the swelling the next day?

A24: Because the soothing ointment was applied before the operation, it temporarily closed the capillaries. The effect of the medicine was over when the customer went back, the blood of eyes circulated, and there was skin damage during the operation, which caused the eyes to swell the next day.


Q25: There was no swelling after the operation. How to deal with the swelling the next day?

A25: After operating the eyeliner, clean your eyes with saline when go back at night, and then apply ice for 15 minutes to achieve the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, which can effectively avoid swelling the next day.


Q26: Why did the eyeliner swell after applying the soothing cream?

A26: The customer's eyelids are relatively thin, apply soothing ointment to the eyelids, which will easily swell.


Q27:How to deal with the eyeliner swell after applying the soothing cream?

A27: In the process of applying the soothing cream, apply near the root of the eyelashes to the eyelid to avoid eyelid swelling.




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