YD Bluesky Machine Standard Cartridge

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1.Name:YD BLUESKY Machine Standard Cartridge

2.Needle:0.18mm 1R, 0.3mm 1RL, 3RL, 3RS, 3F, 5RL, 5RS, 5F, 7MG,7F,9U,11U

3.Model Number: CTM074

4.Material : Plastic and Stainless Steel

5.Color: Black and Transparent

6.Weight: 10g

Needles Commendation:

Eyebrows lines:  1 RL 0.18mm, 1RL 0.3mm, 3F

Eyebrows shading: 1RL 0.5mm, 3RS, 5RS

Eyeliners: 1RL 0.3mm, 3RS

Lips: 1Rl 0.3mm for Contour, 5RS, 5F, 5SF for Surface

Skincare: #12 micro needle


Permanent Makeup


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