YD Bluesky PMU Battery Machine

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Name:YD Bluesky PMU Battery Machine

Model Number: CTM070-TH

Needle: 1R, 3R

Type: Tattoo Gun

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 1000g/set

Warranty: 1 year

New Advantages:

1.Specific rotate speed, accurate needle, up to VPM5000

2.No noise, color fast and stable

3.Multi- function machine for eyebrows eyeliners, lips and scalp

4.Adopts one time needle design, safe and clean

5.Simple installation, avoiding cross infection

6.Light to hand, time control


Permanent Makeup Training


1 x Handpieces

1 x Adaptor

1 x Connect Cord

1 x 1R

1 x 3R

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