Lushcolor Numb Cream

Lushcolor Numb Cream

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1.Model No.CTPK015

2. Brand Name: Lushcolor Numb Cream

3. Net Weight:10 G / Piece

4. Warning: For External Use Only , Keep Out Of Eyes

5. Type: Permanent Makeup / Tattoo Pain Killer , Anesthetic , Pain Away , No Pain , Painless , Stop Pain


1. Application process:
Carefully clean the surgical site before surgery and apply directly to the skin surface to maintain a certain thickness.

2. Covered with cream:
Seal with the medical film. Keep the edge sealed to ensure no leakage.

3 shows. Record time:
Record time and always keep the film cream, can not touch.

4 shows. Delete and clean:
Remove the film and cream quickly before the next surgery. Clean up all medication areas and proceed to the next step.

5. Effect guarantee:
The effect of the time and cream thickness and waiting time. The thicker the longer, the longer the retention time. Waiting time 30-45 minutes. Painkillers can last 2-4 hours.



Do not use If you have any of the followings:

1.A known allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

2.A history of severe live disease or impairment

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