YD Intensive Semi Cream Pigment

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  1. Name: YD Pigment
  2. Model Number: 201911-GIFT02
  3. Status: Semi cream for eyebrow & Liquid for lip
  4. Ment material: Glycerin,propylene glycol,alcohol,sterilized water etc.
  5. Standard: 15ML/BOTTLE
  6. Weight: 35 G/Piece
  7. Packaging:Box


1. Professional for digital machine use or use with manual microblading pens

2. 3D Natural-looking and 16 colors for choices

4. High quality tattoo ink,will never change another color.

5. Pigment is sterile with the highest quality, safer and healthy.

6. Easy-coloring


For Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Lips

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