Training Kit on Sale During Pandemic (Kit-2)

Training Kit on Sale During Pandemic (Kit-2)

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Name:  Microblading Starter Training Tattoo Kit

Model Number: FD-KIT-2

Color: Black Bag

Type: Training kit

Weight: 2kg


1. Light Silver Microblading Pen: matte surface silver. It can be used multiple times, printed with Facedeep. It is cross-lock.

2. Nano Blade: U-shaped arrangement, 304 stainless steel needle, 0.18mm for very thin lines.

3. Micropigment: More eyebrow colors to choose from. It can be equipped with 3 bottles. Imported US raw materials, in line with the EU.

4. Microblading Cleanser Gel: It can clean the dust and disinfect the skin before operation. And it is also used to remove the attached pigment on the skin quickly and for skin moisturizing.

5. Tattoo Ink Cup: The package is made of medical sealed bags, which are very safe and hygienic. It's also very simple and convenient to use. This is one of the necessary conditions for permanent makeup operation.

6. Microblading Practice Latex: Our tattoo practice skin have very good toughness, the situation of embroidered dregs does not occur, and the leather is thin, high simulation, very close to the real thickness of the skin.


Microblading Tattoo Practice Or Training


1*Microblading pen holder

1*20pcs tattoo ink cup

1*Microblading Cleanser Gel

3*Micropigment( Color choose available)

1*20pcs microblades

5pcs practice skin

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