Beauty Plus Lamp

Beauty Plus Lamp

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Name:  Beauty Plus Lamp

Model Number: CTA172

Color: Black

Battery capacity: 2000MaH

Charging time: 2.5H

Discharge time: 2.5H

Max. power: 3.2W

Working time: 2.5h 

New Advantages:

  • The ingenious design of the integrated macro fill light makes it more convenient to bid farewell to tedious shooting.
  • Three-color temperature fill light, color temperature 2500K-6000K in cold and warm light mode.
  • Equipped with a 49mmCPL snap ring design polarizer to reduce specular reflection. Equipped with 100mm high-definition macro, self-developed original design, multi-group optical structure design, 4K high-definition picture quality, bringing soft blur effect for macro shooting, clear and distortion-free imaging, making mobile phones become SLRs in seconds.
  • The 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom can be adapted to a variety of photographic equipment, and the angle can be adjusted to shoot different scenes.
  • Wide range of applications: oral photography / nail art / color contact lenses / tattoos / tattoos / insects / jewelry and other macro photography / portrait and panoramic mobile phone photography.

How to use:

1. Screw the lens clockwise into the snap ring of the fill light.

2. Turn on the mobile phone to take pictures.

3. Align the main camera of the mobile phone with the 100mm macro lens.

4. Just shoot directly. Since the focus of the macro lens is relatively short, the 100mm macro focus distance is between 3-13cm.

Note: Clean the lens with a cloth before and after use

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