YD Skin Camouflouge Set For Strech Mark / Scar / Vitiligo

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  • Name: YD Skin Camouflouge Set
  • Model Number: SK-KT01
  • Status: Semi cream
  • Color:20 Colors
  • Standard: 10ML/BOTTLE
  • Weight: 2000G/Piece
  • Packaging: Kit


1 20 colors for selection

2. Color Reader helps you with scientific skin color tests. Cover more than 95%colors

3. Choose the most suitable machine needle for covering the skin marks

4. BLINK: the powerful machine ensures skin fast coloring

5. Micro-bead advanced repair is an indispensable high-efficiency aftercare


Skin camouflage, Scar, Stretch marks, Fat marks, Growth marks

YD Skin Camouflouge Set:

  • Kit Case*1
  • Pigment 10ml*20
  • Fibronectin Microbeads Serum*3
  • Deluent*2
  • Color Reader*1
  • YD Blink*1
  • Battery*1
  • Electronic scale*1
  • 3R*10
  • 5RM*10
  • 13RM*10
  • Isolation film*1
  • Pigment Mixer*1


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