120ML Simi-Micro Pigment

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1.Status: Oily semi paste

2.Ment material: Glycerin, propylene glycol, alcohol, water ,witch hazel. antioxidant formula, non-toxic pigment blend

3.Product color: 38 colors

4. Standard: 120ml / bottle

5. Packaging:Box


* 100% essence of pure plant, safe and health.

* Oily semi paste. Shake well before using, easy to color, the more viscous, extremely delicate, easy controlled, strongly and staying color long, natural and comfortable.

* With Titanium dioxide, can reduce the discoloration caused by Ultraviolet(uv).

* Economic and durable, one bottle of 8 ml pigment can do 30 to 50 pairs for eyebrows, 2 times that of ordinary embroidery eyebrow pigment. Quality guarantee period: 3 years.

*LUSHCOLOR micro pigment have 38 colors can choose.


Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lips