Nano Rainbow Disposable Microblading Pen (10pcs/box)

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Name: Nano Rainbow Disposable Microblading Pen

Model Number: CTHT089

Needle: #12, #14, #16, 18U

Material : ABS Plastic Degradable

Length: 15cm  

Weight: 250g/bag

Package: 10pcs/box to sale



1. Five colors are optional. Fresh rainbow color in summer.
2. Curved nib design and straight mouth type. It will not block the sight.
3. Blades available #12CF, #14CF, #16CF, #18U. Good resilience, easy to color.
4. Nano needle, 0.18mm 304 stainless steel medical top grade.
5. The needle is neat and sharp, and will not barb the skin.
6. The rubber design makes it non-slip and comfortable to hold the pen.
7. From big to small pen design, the thickness of the grip is ergonomic.
8. ABS pen can degrade environmental-
9. Medical packaging.EO Gas disinfection.