Face Deep Microblading Advanced Kit

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Name:  Face Deep Microblading Advanced Kit

Model Number: FD-KIT-3

Color: Black

Type: Training kit

Weight: 2kg


1. Eyebrow pencil: The texture is smooth and waterproof. It can be cut into duckbill shape. Perfect for eyebrow shapes.

2. Golden Ratio Caliper:  Shiny stainless steel. Adjustable distance between four handles.The middle one is removable.

3. Light silver microblading pen: matte surface silver. It can be used multiple times, printed with Facedeep. It is cross-lock.

4. Nano Blade: 304 stainless steel needle, 0.15mm for very thin lines.

5. Micropigment: 8 eyebrow colors to choose from. It can be equipped with 3 bottles. Imported US raw materials, in line with the EU.

6.Lips Aftercare:The operation wound can heal quickly

7.Scissors and Tweezers:easy to trim


Microblading Tattoo Practice Or Training