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Q48: Why would clients' eyes  feel uncomfortable after eyebrows operation?

A48|: Situation 1:We pressed clients' eyes as we tightened their skin; Situation 2:Numb cream or pigments might into the eyes,drop eyedrop and massage clients' eyes slightly.

Q49: : How to deal with clients' eyes  feel uncomfortable after eyebrows operation?

A49: Droping Eyedrop and massage clients' eyes slightly.

Q50:Do clients need still to take care of the scabs after finishing the eyebrows?

A50: Still needed. Because the later period is related to daily life habits. For example, facial cleanser, cleansing oil, etc., often wiped on the skin will make the eyebrows lighter.Frequent exposure to the sun will cause the eyebrows to fade quickly. Irregularities in life will lead to rapid skin metabolism and rapid fading of eyebrows.

Q51: How to take care of the eyebrows after finishing the scabs?

A51: We need to use a toothbrush to comb our eyebrows every day to keep the eyebrows smooth. And use vitamin E or cod liver oil to smear the eyebrows to increase the gloss of the eyebrows.

Q52: How to dip the pigments?

A52: First incline the needle slightly, and then take it from the edge of the pigments cup. Don’t take too much. If there is too much, you can hang it off the edge of the pigments cup.

Q53: Master, if it will bring good luck after finishing eyebrows?

A53: From a scientific point of view, after finishing the eyebrows, the out-looking becomes more beautiful and with strengthened self-confidence.Then when you face things will be positive, optimistic, and the results will not be bad.

Q54: Why do the eyebrows appear white after the scab is removed?

A54: Situation 1: The wound has healed and grows new skin the fourth day after finishing eyebrows.While the skin is itchy. The customer scratches the crust and peels off, causing the line color to be taken away. The eyebrow skin is at the stage of growing new skin, so it appears white. Situation 2: The color is light after the thick scab falls off naturally, wait for 15 days after the color of the color to be reversed, and then observe.

Q55: How to deal with the eyebrows appear white after the scab is removed?

A55:  To refill the color after one month, and the customer must be repaired as required after the operation.

Q56: Why is there a serious infection?

A56: It is kind of special case of infection there is no abnormal change in the operating part. The sanitary environment during operation and later repair is insufficient, the infection and inflammation is relatively serious.

Q57: How to deal with a serious infection?

A57: Apply metronidazole solution. It is best to go to the hospital for a suspension injection, which will reduce inflammation faster. Remind the tattoo artist that disinfection and hygiene must be done in place when operating the tattoo.

Q58: Why the eyebrows will get red in the later stage?

A58: One week later, the scabs of the eyebrows were completely peeled off and turned brownish red. There are three reasons: 1. Improper color matching, too much light coffee. 2. The technique is too heavy, the skin repair is too slow, and the skin is more sensitive. This situation will return to normal after one month. 3. The customer tears the crust by hand, or the external force causes the crust to fall off.






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