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Q30: How to do with without eyebrows left  while manual eyebrow for long time?

A30:It is based on customers' skin condition.If the customer have done several times manual work of eyebrows, then the skin will be hardly to keep color. Until the eyebrows are repaired and make it again no matter what reasons are.

Q31:Can you use erythromycin ointment after manual work of eyebrows?

A31:Absolutely not, as erythromycin ointmentis is kind of oily substance use for fast scab repair,it will light the color of skin and easily to cause wound infection.

Q32: How to deal with eyebrows bleeding often?

A32:After using cutton piece for pressing wound 3 to 5 seconds to stop bleeding,then using soothing paste seals capillaries for 5 minutes. And quickly to color the skin,eyebrow tattoo mainly method is by prick, not by scratch.

Q33:Why do eyebrows itch?

A33:Eyebrows itchy is normal and caused by the growth of peripheral nerve.

Q34:How to deal with eyebrows itch?

A34:Apply sterilizing cream.

Q35:Why does customer still feel painful with the strengthening soothing cream?

A35:There are two reasons. Situation 1:The customer is anti-hemp physique; Situation 2:The way of apply soothing cream is not correct.

Q36:How to deal with customer still feel painful with the strengthening soothing cream?

A36:Situation 1:Anti-hemp physique person, apply soothing cream tiwce, but will waste of time and burn the skin easily. Situation 2:The way of apply soothing cream is not correct. Firstly finish to make  the main eyebrows line ,then apply soothing cream.Apply soothing cream while manual work to relieve the pain of customers.

Q37:Why is the area enlarged when the machine work with natural skin color to cover?

A37:Situation 1:The needle is deep prick. Situation 2:The needle is not vertical, blique prick.

Q38:Why do eyebrows have blisters?

A38:It is infection. The infection reasons,Situation 1: The operation will not be properly disinfected.As it cannot be guaranteed that the operation will be steril that have to make sure the  basic disinfection and one injection per person. Situation 2: The customer got infected at home during repair period.

Q39:How to deal with eyebrows have blisters?

A39:Using a sterile acne needle to pick up the chickenpox and squeeze the tissue fluid inside, and then clean it with metronidazole solution. Using acyclovir to grind it into powder and sprinkle it on the wound to make it scab.


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