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1. Model Number: CTPM009C

2. Status: Cream

3. Ment material: Glycerin, propylene glycol, alcohol, water, witch hazel, antioxidant formula, non-toxic pigment blend   

4. Product color: 16 colors

5. Standard: 5ml / bottle

6. Packaging:Box


  1. Adopt with pure plant materials, do not contain metal ingredient
  2. The quality has reached medical standard
  3. Original material permanent makeup cream was from United States
  4. 17 kinds of colors, suitable for different skins
  5. Never change color or fade
  6. Can be for lip and eyebrow permanent make up tattoo
  7. Small and thick package can prevent damage in transportation
  8. With Titanium dioxide, can reduce the discoloration caused by Ultraviolet(uv)
  9. One bottle can do 40-50 pairs to eyebrows, is five times as ordinary pigment



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