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Q1: What is the manifestation of inflammation after the operation?

A1: 48 hours later, redness, swelling, tingling, and watery appear within a week.


Q2: How to deal with inflammation after operation?

A2: Oral anti-inflammatory drugs, dry and dispose of after cleaning.

Suggestion: Apply less repair gel during post-treatment, so that the eyeliner can

breathe freely.


Q3: What is the rejection of the eyeliner?

A3: Normal appearance after 15 days, redness, peeling, dryness, itching, and

slight bulging.


Q4: How to deal with the rejection of the eyeliner?

A4: Oral astemizole, or apply allergy ointment. Observe after three to five days.

The slight one will slowly metabolize well. If it needs to be processed, under the

condition of normal repair, it will be laser washed for about 45 days.


Q5: Why does the eye have a foreign body sensation after the operation of the eyeliner?

A5: The cleaning is not in place after operation.


Q6: How to deal with the foreign body sensation in the eyes after the eyeliner operation?

A6: Use saline or ofloxacin eye drops to clean before and after the operation. (If

this happens in the later stage, use ofloxacin eye drops in combination with

bovine basic fibroblast growth factor eye drops, 3 times a day ~5 times.)


Q7: What should I do if the eyeliner becomes purulent?

A7: The eyeliner part is simple, and this basically won't happen. If it appears,

treat it in the same way as the eyebrows. During the diet, fishy meat, peppers,

tobacco, alcohol, and fermented foods. Fermented foods refer to beans, flour

foods, etc.


Q8: How to deal with eyeliner burns caused by soothing ointment?

A8: Case 1: Soothing ointment enters the eyes and burns, immediately rinse

with water and rinse with eye drops. Use eye drops lightly, often cleansing and

soothing, oral anti-inflammatory drugs. Keep your eyes closed and rest more in

a place away from sunlight.

Case 2: Eyelid burns, caused by too much accumulation of soothing ointment

when applying color, should be applied a small amount.


Q9: How to prevent eyeliner from being burned by soothing ointment?

A9: It is recommended that the tattoo artist choose the soothing cream of the

paste when applying the soothing cream and keep the eyes dry. Soothing

cream is easy to merge with tears and easily penetrate into the eyes, so it is not

recommended to use liquid soothing cream.


Q10: How to deal with the soothing cream entering the eyes?

A10: After the soothing ointment enters the eyes, in addition to immediately

washing with saline, you can use tobramycin or levofloxacin hydrochloride eye

drops for treatment, and bovine basic fibroblast growth factor eye drops in the

meantime, use alternately 3 to 5 times a day. Do not use the eyeliner black

alone, because the liquid is not easy to retain color, and it is easy to turn blue in

the later stage. Use high-purity eyeliner semi cream alone, which is easy to dry

and too black, so it is best to mix the high-purity eyeliner semi cream and the

eyeliner black 4:1, and only use high-purity eyeliner semi cream throughout the

manual operation.


Q11: How to deal with soothing ointment burns the cornea?

A11: Buy levofloxacin lactate eye drops and calf blood deproteinized extract eye

gel. For minor burns, you can use levofloxacin eye drops for cleaning directly.




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