Golden Rose Wireless PMU Machine

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Name: Golden Rose Wireless PMU Machine
Model Number: CTM083-3
Needle: YD standard cartridge, black pearl cartridge
Type: Tattoo Gun
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 800g/set
Warranty: 1 year

New Advantages:

1. Cordless with battery
2. Various needle types: standard cartridge and anti backflow cartridge
3. 4 levels speed adjustable
4. The length of the needle can be adjusted, and there is a scale on the pen
5. Long battery life and fast charging
6. Spiral needle, not easy to fly needle
7. Lightweight and easy to carry
8. Bright golden rose color
9. The body is frosted, in line with ergonomics
10. Low moq customization

The kit set:

1 x Handpieces
1 x USB Adaptor
1 x Connect Cord
5 x 1R 0.3



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