Dual Heads Disposable Manual Pen (10pcs/bag)

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  • 1. Name: Disposable Manual Pen
  • 2. Needle: #14, #17,18U
  • 3. Model Number: CTHT076
  • 4. Material : Plastic
  • 5. Length:20cm
  • 6. Weight: 30 g/Piece
  • 7. Package: 10pcs/bag to Sale

1. Operate more easily freehand brushwork.

2. Use with the paste pigment and semi cream pigments

3. Used for eyebrow,eyeliner and lips manual operation, high quality guarantee.

4. The tattoo pen is easy to cope with and not easy to damage.

5. In disposable use and more safe and hygine

6. Do not need the power when doing tattoo beauty operation, suit for many kinds of blades.

7.EO Gas sterilized,with standard medical package.

8.Double Heads,one head with microblading blade and other side with 5R blade

Usage: Manual tool for eyebrow embroidery

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