Black Starter's Bag

Black Starter's Bag

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1.Name: Black Starter's Bag

2.Model Number: CTM071-D

3.Color: Black

4.Weight: 1200G

5.Package: 1 Pcs/Bag

6.Size: 20*30*10(CM)

Needles Commendation:

1.The black Starter bag is flexible and changable, the mood metarial separator inside can be removed, restructured based on your require and prefers.

2. The Black starter bag has a high qulity, it is made of high - grade canvas material, advanced technology and high - end machine. Anti-wear and durable.

3.The mood metarial separator inside is advanced metarial packing.


4. In terms of the overall appearance, high-end, show your professional tachnology.


5.It has high quliaty and very nice price.


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