Black Pearl Anti-backflow Cartridge (100PCS/bag)

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Name: Black Pearl Anti-backflow Cartridge

Needle: 0.18mm, 1R 0.25mm, 1R 0.30mm, 3RL 0.30mm, 5RL 0.30mm

Model Number: CTM084

Material : Plastic and Stainless Steel

Color: Transparent


1.The cartridges for black pearl machine with a membrane barrier to prevent back flow.
2. Rubber spring with good resilience.
3. EO gas sterilized.
4. Compared with normal cartridge needles, it has screw on the needles and it will not loose during operation. It will be firmly and stable.

Needles Commendation:

Eyebrows hairstroke:  1RL 0.3mm

Eyebrows shading:  3RL 0.3mm



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