Black Eccentric Disposable Manual Pen (10pcs/bag)

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  • 1. Name: Mermaid Disposable Top
  • 2. Model Number: CTHT092-18U
  • 3. Needle: #18U
  • 4. Material : Plastic
  • 5. Length: 17.5 cm
  • 6. Weight: 20 g/piece
  • Package: 10pcs/bag to Sale


1). Medical 304 Stainless Steel material and pack with blister packing, have caps to protect the blades, safe and hygiene.

2).  Microscopic examination one by one.

3). 8mm out of the blade, does not block the line of sight.

4).Eco-Friendly Material ,anti-slip design, light and delicate.

5). Sterilized by EO Gas, ISO9002, CE Certificate, Disinfection Certificate and Patent Certificate provided.

6). Different blade size selection, with lower MOQ, have dedicated design team and photography team help you customize the products.


Manual tool for eyebrow embroidery

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