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Q12: What is the manifestation of allergies?

A12: Symptoms: flushing around the lips, mossy peeling, itching, pain.


Q13: How to deal with the allergies?

A13: 2ML dexamethasone + 5ML normal saline to make a mixture. Apply on the lips three times a day for a week. Oral chlorpheniramine or loratadine Tablets. Topical cortisone ointment and dexamethasone ointment.

You can add VC to chlorpheniramine once a day. After gently piercing the skin, apply dexamethasone injection on it to penetrate and absorb. After treatment, let the customer apply ointment for another week. After the symptoms disappear, use laser to wash 1-2 times , And healed.


Q14: How to deal with allergy to soothing ointment?

A14: Case 1: On-site soothing ointment allergies, customers have chest tightness, palpitation and other uncomfortable, immediately stop the operation, clean the area where the soothing ointment is applied, transfer the customer to a ventilated place, pinch the customer's tiger's mouth and philtrum, if the situation is serious, send the customer to the hospital.

Case 2: Allergy to soothing ointment after operation. Oral anti-allergic drugs will be good afterwards.


Q15: What is the manifestation of inflammation after the operation?

A15: After 48 hours, redness, swelling, tingling, and watery appear within 15 days.


Q16: How to deal with inflammation after operation?

A16: Take acyclovir tablets orally, and apply acyclovir tablets powder externally after cleaning.

Suggestion: In the later repair, apply less repair gel to allow the lips to breathe freely.


Q17: What are the manifestations of cheilitis?

A17: (Appears after lip operation) Cheilitis is a mucosal disease with dry lips, chapped lips, and desquamation as the main clinical manifestations. There are various types of dry desquamation cheilitis, allergic cheilitis, benign lymphoproliferative cheilitis, granulomatous cheilitis, glandular cheilitis, fungal cheilitis, photosensitive cheilitis and so on.

According to the course of the disease, there are acute and chronic cheilitis.


Q18: How to treat cheilitis?

A18: Locally apply cod liver oil ointment, anti-inflammatory or hormone-containing ointment, anti-cracking lipstick. Oral vitamin A, B6 to improve epithelial metabolism, reduce scales and dryness.


Q19: What is hyperplasia?

A19: Appears after half a month, partial lip line or lip surface dryness, peeling, itching, and lumps on the lips.

Customers with scar constitution, cross-infection, deep needles, and pigmentation can all lead to hyperplasia.

① Scarring hyperplasia: Irregular bulge, more common in scarring hyperplasia. It is caused by too deep, too dense, and excessive thorns, erosion, and damage to the dermis.

② Rejective hyperplasia: regular uplift (such as the border of the lip line).


Q20: How to deal with hyperplasia?

A20: Apply mometasone furoate and triamcinolone acetonide ointment to soothe. After three months, use laser or machine trauma to metabolize pigment, or inject triamcinolone acetonide solution at a concentration of 2%. During the diet, avoid fishy meat, peppers, tobacco, alcohol, and stimulating food.

①Scarring hyperplasia: The open prick method can be implemented on the surface of the epidermal wound. Triamcinolone acetonide ointment is applied to a cotton sheet and covered with plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes.

Rejective hyperplasia: Make a uniform epidermal puncture on the body's epidermis, apply triamcinolone acetonide ointment on cotton pads, and cover with plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes.


Q21: What is the manifestation of scar hyperplasia?

A21: Symptoms: herpes, erosions, suppuration, and small protrusions.


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