How to deal with Lip Tattoo problem?

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Why does the lips become so swollen?

  1. Apply anesthetic for too long. The pmuartist uses lip patches. The numbing effect is strong. And too much liquid.And the plastic wrap covers too long, which causes swelling of the lips due to thermal expansion and contraction;


  1. Improper technique in operation. During the operation, thepmuartist repeatedly stretched the skin with his thumb and index finger. The tighter the stretch, the deeper the wound. The multiple times of coloring cause more serious the injury, the more severe the swelling when touching sharp objects;


  1. The needle is long and the control is poor during the operation. It is easy to bleed and swell when using analgesics in the middle;


  1. The wound is large and deep. It is prone to inflammation when wet. It usually appears on the third day after the operation. The customer feels the lips are hot, tight, and dry. The lips feel numb when they touch, and the edges are darker red;


  1. The customer did not take anti-inflammatory drugs after the operation, and the internal heat and damp wounds could easily lead to swelling.


What is the reason for the black lips after finishing?

  1. Deep needle penetration will cause black lips;


  1. Preliminary anesthetics left on the lips will cause black lips. After the application of the anesthetic in the early stage, the remaining anesthetic was not wiped off before the operation, and the anesthetic and coloring materials used in the operation hada chemicaleffect;


  1. The edge of lips will appear black whenusing during numbing. If an anesthetic is used in the middle, the lips will bleed when the operation is continued. The anesthetic fails in the middle, and there is undecomposed adrenaline in the anesthetic. Both have bleeding and chemical reactions, which will cause the lips to turn black. If an anesthetic must be used in the middle, The bleeding should be stopped before operation.


  1. Improper postoperative treatment will cause partial black formation. When the pmuartist operates, the skin on the lips is too tight.The needle is longer, and the needle tip penetrates into the skin, causing the wound to tear and bleeding. The correct way is to hold the bleeding site.


What kind of people are prone to blistering after lip tattoo?

  1. People who are anxious and angry;


  1. Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs;


  1. People with poor sleep quality, stay up late, get up early, overwork fatigue, yellow urine, and drink less water;


  1. People with gastritis, hypertension, and cystitis;


  1. Lip blisters are also a precursor to a cold and fever.



When customers in the above situation come to your salon, it is recommended that pmu artists communicate with customers in advance, tell them the best time to perform lip tattoo, and remind customers to take care of the lip care at home, and work together to have the most perfect lip work.


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