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Q21: How can I prevent the marker from becoming smeared after setting the eyebrow shape and wiping it off?
A21: The normal positioning process is to use a black brow pencil to deepen the border after designing the eyebrow shape, and then apply numbing cream. After adjusting the eyebrow shape and then use the marker to set it. Use a cotton pad to absorb the excess liquid and then operate it, so that it will not be blurred!
Q22: Isn't it about 2~4 years? Why does the color disappear after half a year?
A22: The degree of color retention of each person's skin is very different. Loose skin has relatively large intercellular spaces and poor color retention. Such eyebrows generally only stay in color for 2 years. Tight skin is super easy to color and retain color, and this retention will last longer. It is also related to daily life habits. For example, facial cleanser and make-up remover are often applied on the skin which make the eyebrows lighter. Frequent exposure to the sun will cause the eyebrows to fade quickly. Irregular lifestyle will also cause the skin's metabolism to be fast, and the eyebrows will fade quickly.
Q23: If the brows are particularly lower, but she wants to do arch eyebrows, can she change it?
A23: It's okay to lift a little bit, but don't forget to consider the eyebrow bone of the guests.
Q24: Why can't there be two eyebrow tails on the eyebrows?
A24: Doesn't it become four eyebrows? The end of the eyebrows will become a scissor-like shape, which will cut off all your luck, and at the same time it will be unsightly.
Q25: Can the eyebrows unevenly on both sides be changed?
A25: Yes. High brows can be changed to low, and low can be changed to high. If the color on both sides is very dark and thick, It is suggested that it should be removed by laser. 
Q26: Why do the eyebrows get shorter or thinner after healed? Why does it become thinner?
A26: If there is no problem with the design, there is a problem with the operation. Is there any false coloring but not found during the operation? It will disappear after healed. Maybe the eyebrows are deformed in the line arrangement direction. Later repair is also a very important key.
Q27: Why does the eyebrows discharge pus during repair?
A27: It must be because the repair agent was applied too thickly, and the skin can't breathe. In addition, some bacteria and dust have caused bacterial infection.
Q28: What should I do if my eyebrows discharge pus during repair?
A28: Use normal saline to thoroughly clean the tissue fluid and pus on the eyebrows, and then apply the repair gel thinly during the subsequent repair to allow the skin to breathe during the repair process.
Q29: Why are eyebrows all gone after heal?
A29: It is related to technical problems, repair problems, and customer's own skin quality problems. The technical problem is that the strength is wrong, too deep or too shallow. If it is too deep, the scab will be very thick, and the color retention rate in the later period will be poor. If it is too light, it is false coloring, and it will disappear after healing. The aftercare problem is because of improper repair, thick scabs, and all the pigments were taken away.

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