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Q11: Can I use aloe vera gel for aftercare?
A11: Yes. But the trainer recommends that you use professional pmu repair products. Because the aloe vera gel has only repairing functions and no anti-inflammatory and sterilizing functions, it is prone to infection and inflammation in the later stage. And professional pmu repair products contain anti-inflammatory, sterilizing and repairing and nourishing functions.
Q12: Why do we need to wipe back and forth for disinfection?
A12: The eyebrows have their own growth direction. If they are only disinfected along the growth direction of the eyebrows, the roots of the eyebrows are not easily disinfected. So rub back and forth to ensure complete disinfection of the eyebrows.
Q13: Should I use a soothing cream or a soothing patch for eyebrows?
A13: All are possible, depending on personal usage habits.
Q14: Why use soothing cream for eyebrows?
A14: It is more convenient because it is not easy to confuse the eyebrow shape with the emulsion of the soothing cream. To use the soothing patch, you need to apply a gel around the eyebrows to prevent the liquid from burning the skin around the eyebrows. The patch is more suitable for use on the lips.
Q15: What should I do if the customer complains of pain during operation?
A15: When the customer is more sensitive, first apply it to the customer for 5 minutes to soothe and seal the capillaries before doing it. The pmu artist needs to adjust the intensity, frequently staining the cream to color, avoid the process of operating strength. False coloring and wiping are too many will make customers' skin be sensitive.
Q16: After we only do the eyebrows, we find that the eyebrows appear 2 parts, how to deal with it?
A16: It is caused by incorrect color matching. But it doesn't matter, we can modify it.
Q17: What should I do if there are two cuts of eyebrows when finishing eyebrows tattoo?
A17: After one month, if the brows head are deep and the tails of the brows are shallow, then when we complement the color, we can adjust the color of the pigment to a darker color on the basis of what we did before. If the eyebrows head are shallow and the eyebrows tail are deep, there are two situations. If the customer needs a dark one, then when we complement the color, we can also add a few strokes on the brow head. If the client likes shallow, then we let her wipe her eyebrows with white vinegar.
Q18: Why can not the marker spot be wiped clean after operating the eyebrows?
A18: When adjusting the eyebrow shape during treatment, remember not to use a marker, because the liquid of the marker will flow into the operating eyebrows and turn blue when the marker is used during the operation.
Q19: What should I do if the dots of the marker can not be cleaned?
A19: If there is a marker mark after the operation, you can use a toothpick cotton to apply the soothing cream to wipe it clean.
Q20: Why does the marker blur after wiping anethetics off after setting the eyebrow shape?
A20: The marker pen is a positioning pen, a water-based pen, and it is easy to faint after taking the soothing cream.


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