Face Deep Eco-holder Biodegradable Disposable Pen with Brush (10 pcs/box)

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  • Name: Eco-holder Biodegradable Disposable Pen with Brush
  • Model Number: FD-021
  • Needle: Curve, slop,slant, beveled, round and U blades
  • Material : Plastic
  • Weight: 25 g/piece
  • Packing: 10 piece to sale

Advantages : 

1). Can attach extremely nice blade, minimum trauma and the smallest wound;

2). Original material color, anti-slip design, light and delicate;

3). Sterilized by EO Gas, ISO9002, CE Certificate, Disinfection Certificate and Patent Certificate provided;

4). Different blade size selection, with lower MOQ, have dedicated design team and photography team help you customize the products.


Manual tool for eyebrow embroider

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