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Q32: How to deal with lip pain?
A32: Use During Operation Anesthetic, the numb cream OR Pre-Operation Anesthetic contains adrenaline, which will close our blood vessels, and the adrenaline will chemically react with our blood and pigments, which will make our lips dark  in the later stage. During Operation Anesthetic does not contain adrenaline, and its efficacy is not as obvious as numb cream OR Pre-Operation Anesthetic.
Q33: What are the two types of black lips?
A33: 1) It becomes dark immediately after the operation, caused by vasoconstriction. 2) It turns black for a period of time.
Q34: How to deal with black lips and black hair?
A34: 1) Black immediately after operation: hot compress is available. 2) Blackening for a period of time: Orally take tablets which remove blood stasis and relieve pain, for one week, and use lipase.
Q35: Erosion, suppuration, and non-healing of the wound?
A35: 1) Oral spiramycin. 2) Disinfect with metronidazole for external use and apply gentamicin.
Q36: Two types of black lips after lip operation?
A36: 1) Blackened after operation: After the lip mucosa is wounded, it  become black for dehydration and oxidation , which is a normal phenomenon. One week later, the new mucosa will be renewed. 2) After the operation, the skin becomes black after peeling: the new mucosa has unnatural metabolism, it will be slightly blackened by temperature and oxidation, and a natural red mucosa will be reborn after a natural metabolism. Only need to distinguish whether the color under the surface mucosa is red or jet black, and then you can know whether the color of the lips is red or jet black in the later stage.
Q37: What should I do if my lips become black after lip operation?
A37: 1) Blackened after operation: move the lips after the operation until no blackening occurs. 2) Blackened after peeling after operation: re-coloring after 3 months.
Q38: After the lips are operated, why are they dark and dark in the later stage?
A38: 1) Improper color matching. The original lip is a cool color. If you use cool color to make it, it will be dark in the later stage. 2) After finishing, squeeze the tissue fluid and exercise the lips, otherwise it will slowly turn black. 3) Use numb cream OR Pre-Operation Anesthetic. 4) If acupuncture is too deep, the subcutaneous congestion will also have darkening. 5) Repair after the customer's own operation, and don't eat anything with melanin on the lips. For example, coffee, cola, soy sauce, etc., can cause pigmentation, and you can't take hormone drugs, such as birth control pills. 6) Failure to avoid menstruation will lead to darkening.
Q39: After operating the lips, how to deal with the darkeningin the later stage?
A39: It is best to avoid the above problems during operation. If the problem has occurred,  do it again after three months. Use orange and orange red full lips to brighten up, and then use the color that suits the customer and operate normally. Just reach 100% coloring. During the preparation, drink saffron tea, and notoginseng powder water will help to disperse the black.
Q40: How to deal with the lip blemishes after half a month of recovery?
A40: 1) Those who eat Huahong tablets, Panax notoginseng tablets, saffron and other blood congestion should be taken. Refer to the corresponding instructions for the taking method.
        2) Hot compress method: put a hot towel at about 70 degrees on the lips covered with sterile plastic wrap for about 10 minutes, and massage the lips during the hot compress.
        3) Use Ma Yinglong as a lip mask at night to reduce swelling and remove black.
        4) In the later recovery of the lips, remember not to use lipstick. In order to avoid the embarrassment of recolor, in the later recovery process, apply lip aftercare during the day to help recolor and color fixation, and the later color is natural. Apply Lange lip mask at night to avoid moisture loss and make the lips fuller.

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