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Q40: Is there any effect for finishing manual eyebrows work with pregnant?

A40: Congratulations and ensure her that it won't matter.

Q41:Why do small solid particles growth after the eyebrows are scabs off?

A41:It is a rejection phenomenon.

Q42:How to deal with small solid particles growth after the eyebrows are scabs off?

A42:Buying a bottle of dexametaf ointment, use 3 times a day for half month. Pay attation to the package when you buy it as it is an anti-allergy hormone drug.

Q43:Why are the eyebrows swollen?

A43:Satuation 1:Customers are sensitive,the skin will be swollen at the touch of a light. Satuation 2:Infected during operation.So we have to disnfection during operation. Satuation 3: The operation time is too long.

Q44:How to deal with  the eyebrows swollen?

A44:Take anti-inflammatory drugs and ice packs.

Q45:How do remove the eyebrows tattoo? Why don't the teachers teach the skill?

A45:Becase eyebrows tattoo removal is easy with a laser mashine.The principle of a laser machine is to beat the pigment under the skin by laser.

Q46:How do remove the eyebrows tattoo? Why don't the teachers teach the skill?

A46: It takes at least 3 month.The eyebrows tattoo repair need one month,while laser have more layers of trauma and take longer time to repair.

Q47: How to judge wether the eyebrows tattoo need to remove with laser or cut?

A47: The eyebrows tattoo technology of now, generally with a laser  machine to remove it,unless it is made with inferior color material,with a laser machine is difficult to clean off, pigment has been with the skin mixed,the laser can not to remove,and the cost of  cut  will be higher.



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